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Amanda Chapa


Since 2004, I have been passionately involved in the birth realm, serving as a dedicated doula and aspiring midwife. My journey in this field has been shaped by both my professional experiences and personal life, evolving alongside the growth of my family.

My personal birth experiences — a hospital birth with induced labor and a natural home birth — have deeply influenced my approach. I understand firsthand the diverse paths of childbirth, and these experiences have reinforced my commitment to offering patient, grounded, and spiritually-aware support to expectant mothers and their families.

With over 17 years of experience in massage and bodywork, I integrate these skills into my practice, emphasizing the importance of physical comfort and relaxation in childbirth. My approach is centered around creating a loving, caring, healing, and supportive connection with my clients. I firmly believe that communication and trust are the cornerstones of a successful birthing experience.

My method of explaining concepts through metaphors, coupled with my belief in birth as a profound spiritual journey, allows me to connect deeply with mothers-to-be. My role is to safeguard and advocate for mothers during labor, ensuring they are at peace and fully informed at every step.

As a gentle, loving, and grounded individual, I am also unafraid to stand firm for what is right, advocating fiercely for the needs and rights of my clients. Beyond my professional role, I am a mother of four in a blended family and a proud grandmother, endearingly known as ‘Mimi’. These roles enrich my understanding and empathy, making me a more compassionate and effective in the birth realm.

My ultimate goal is to provide a holistic and empowering childbirth experience, fostering a space where mothers are supported, informed, and at peace.

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