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Blake Roscoe is an Austin transplant, originally from the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. She is a devoted wife and mother of three through birth and adoption. Blake and her family enjoy spending time together in nature, swimming, hiking, spending time with friends and visiting family in New England. On most days, you can find her alongside one to three of her little ones at a playground, park, or their local library.
With over a decade of experience, Blake possesses a deep-seated passion for serving growing families. She has had the immense privilege of watching many of the little ones she once cared for go on to become amazing creators and contributors to the world around them. She has experience with adoption and surrogacy, multiples, preemies, and NICU graduates, the dynamics of two-under-two and three-under-three, as well as medically complex kiddos and hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies. Armed with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree, and fluency in Spanish, she has had the opportunity to serve her community through her work in local non-profits and volunteer efforts as a social worker. 
As a certified Postpartum doula, Blake finds great meaning and purpose in the opportunity to serve your family in one of the most intimate and intense periods of life. She delights in bringing peace to your postpartum experience, collaborating closely with parents to troubleshoot challenges and providing invaluable care for your baby while you take well-deserved rest. She firmly believes in the transformative power of support and stands by the adage that you cannot pour from an empty cup! 

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