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Hi, my name is Demi. Originally hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, I made the move to Austin in November of 2018. At 29 years old, I find myself squarely in the middle of a bustling family of six. The experience of growing up in such a large and diverse family has been nothing short of a blessing. With siblings spanning various age groups, I’ve had the unique privilege of observing life through different lenses. Notably, my youngest brother, born 15 years my junior, has played a significant role in igniting my deep-seated love and enthusiasm for child care.
The inaugural year of a child’s life is a whirlwind of developmental milestones and an ongoing quest to establish a harmonious rhythm within the family unit. Amidst the chaos that often accompanies this phase, it’s all too easy to let precious moments slip through the cracks. My personal satisfaction stems from supporting parents during this pivotal time. I relish the chance to provide parents the opportunity to be fully present with their children, guiding them through these formative years. Through my work with children, I’ve absorbed invaluable lessons about the virtue of mindfulness and the significance of maintaining a patient disposition.
What truly resonates with me is the constant learning that accompanies child care. It’s a realm of endless growth, one that perpetually challenges and rewards. Each interaction with a unique child and exposure to diverse parenting styles contributes to my personal evolution. This journey has also underscored the paramount importance of community. Reflecting on Margaret J. Wheatley’s wisdom, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about,” I am resolute in my commitment to the well-being and future of our children. I am eager to collaborate with parents who share this passion.
My objective has always been to foster a collective sense of support within the family framework, extending my dedication to parents as well. My ethos revolves around kindness, a lighthearted approach, patience, and professionalism. I extend my gratitude for your time and consideration. I’m enthusiastic about the prospect of meeting you and your family and embarking on this shared journey.

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