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What Are the Benefits of Delaying the Artificial Rupture of Membranes During Birth?

It’s always a good idea to wait until the very end before rupturing the bag of water.  When you hire a Birth Doula, they will help you navigate the early stage of labor and will emphasize the importance of keeping the membranes intact until the end or not rupturing them at all.

One of the benefits of waiting is that it helps reduce the risk of infection, which can be caused by bacteria entering the uterus after the bag has been ruptured. Another benefit is that waiting will help you avoid getting an infection in your bladder or kidneys, which could be caused by bacteria entering your body through the vagina.

One of the biggest benefits to delaying AROM is that it provides a cushion for baby to find the best position of the occiput into the pelvis.  Once the bag is ruptured, Baby makes a rapid decent regardless of position.  This makes contractions intensify and causes more pain for the birthing person, but also sometimes gets them stuck in a unfavorable position.  As Birth Doulas, we have several positions that we can try to get them “unstuck” and into an optimal position, but it is much easier when the bag of water stays intact.

It’s also important to wait until you’re ready to go into labor, because if you rupture the amniotic sac too early, then it can cause complications for your baby during delivery (such as umbilical cord prolapse).

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