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When Should I Get An Epidural?

When should I get an epidural?

If you’re in labor, there are a lot of things to think about: how much longer will it take? Should I get an epidural now or wait a little? Is my baby going to be okay? How do I know if I need one?

We get it—it can be confusing! But don’t worry! As experienced Austin Birth Doulas, we are here to help. Here’s what you need to know about epidurals:

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If I Want an Epidural, When Is the Right Time to Ask for One?

You should ask for an epidural when your contractions are four minutes apart and last at least 45 seconds. This is called active labor, and it takes between six and 20 hours to complete (depending on how fast your body wants to work). If you’re not sure whether or not your contractions are getting stronger or closer together, ask your Doula.  As an experienced Austin birth doula, she will be guiding you through this every step of the way.  Your Birth Doula is equipped with tried and true comfort techniques that can help relieve some of the pain.

Once you receive the epidural, you will be confined to the bed, and the extra IV fluids that help you to maintain stable blood pressure also dilute the oxytocin in your blood, slowing down your contractions.  Your Birth Doula will guide your through all of this.  We would like you to be in active labor before requesting an epidural so that your labor doesn’t stall.  However, as your Doula, we will support you in any way you need, even if that means getting your epidural a bit earlier than you had originally planned.

How Long Does It Take for An Epidural to Work?

Once you request an epidural, your nurse will administer an IV drip to hydrate you before the procedure.  One complete, the anesthesiologist will come and place the epidural, allowing you to feel more and more relief as your contractions continue.  From the time that you order the epidural and feel the full effects, it is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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When Should I Get An Epidural?

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